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Miff Mole situates modern jazz based improvisations and documented historical events within a flexible linear device which encourages an intriguing pre-rem meditation in deep listening. Hey man, Free Time will crush your car! Sunday 8-10pm.

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Jazz 88.3 JazzWeek Station of the Year 2014

Message from Jazz 88.3 Program Director, Claudia Russell- "We are thrilled to receive this award. The JazzWeek awards are voted on by people directly connected to the industry. Our listeners vote for us every time they tune in and we will continue to strive to give you our best."

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Here are a few CD selections featured most recently:

Here are the 30 most recent tracks played on this show:

September 17th at 9 PM Hour
9:56 PM Phillip Johnston “Invisible World” — Big Trouble BUY
9:52 PM Ensemble Off N On “Calavo” — Ensemble Off N On BUY
9:46 PM Digital Primitives “Ol' Blu” — Lipsomuch/Soul Searching BUY
9:39 PM Ernest Khabeer Dawkins “Egyptian Knights” — Fables For The New Millennium BUY
9:31 PM Stephen Haynes “Quietude” — Parrhesia BUY
9:25 PM John Carter “Soft Dance” — Dauwhe BUY
9:20 PM Rich Halley “Before Dawn” — Mountains and Plains BUY
9:01 PM Stephan Crump “Benthos” — Channels BUY
September 17th at 8 PM Hour
8:56 PM Darren Johnston “Little Gold Fish” — Life in Time BUY
8:41 PM Ellery Eskelin “Witchcraft” — Trio New York BUY
8:34 PM Ornette Coleman “Law Years” — Science Fiction BUY
8:23 PM Daniel Carter “Construction Number Two” — Live Constructions BUY
8:13 PM Thumbscrew “Composition No. 35” — The Anthony Braxton Project BUY
8:00 PM Air “Subtraction” — Air Time BUY
September 10th at 9 PM Hour
9:52 PM Alice Coltrane “Blue Nile” — Translinear Light BUY
9:42 PM The Engines “Mash Tun” — The Engines BUY
9:33 PM Chick Corea “Dave” — Early Days BUY
9:23 PM Nicole Mitchell “More Than I Can Say” — Awakening BUY
9:14 PM John Zorn “Cecil Taylor” — Sonic Rivers BUY
9:04 PM John Coltrane “Seraphic Light” — Stellar Regions BUY
September 10th at 8 PM Hour
8:56 PM Arthur Blythe “Spirits In The Field” — In Concert: Metamorphosis / The Grip BUY
8:46 PM Blue Cranes “Painted Birds” — Swim BUY
8:36 PM Buell Neidlinger “Igor's Blues” — Rear View Mirror BUY
8:28 PM Yusef Lateef “Shadow Of Leaves” — Chnops: Gold & Soul BUY
8:19 PM Jason Adasiewicz “Varmint” — Varmint BUY
8:08 PM Cecil Taylor “I Forgot” — Jumpin' Punkins BUY
8:00 PM Cosmologic “Shrouded Over With Fog” — Staring at the Sun BUY
September 3rd at 9 PM Hour
9:56 PM James Falzone's Klang “Giants” — Tea Music BUY

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