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Each week KSDS explores a different theme each week--an era, group, artist, or style--with special guests, in-depth interviews, rare recordings, and commentary.

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Here are a few CD selections featured most recently:

Here are the 30 most recent tracks played on this show:

September 23rd at 9 AM Hour
9:41 AM Art Pepper Quintet “Smack Up” — Smack Up BUY
9:29 AM Art Pepper “Walkin' Shoes” — Modern Jazz Classics BUY
9:16 AM Art Pepper “Straight Life” — Straight Life - The Savoy Sessions BUY
9:01 AM Chet Baker “Look For The Silver Lining” — The Best Of Chet Baker Sings BUY
September 23rd at 8 AM Hour
8:54 AM Chet Baker “Time After Time” — The Best Of Chet Baker Sings BUY
8:46 AM Howard Rumsey “Witch Doctor No. 2” — Mexican Passport BUY
8:25 AM Howard Rumsey “Mexican Passport” — Mexican Passport BUY
8:06 AM Howard Rumsey “Latin For Lovers” — Mexican Passport BUY
8:02 AM Howard Rumsey “Mambo Los Feliz” — Mexican Passport BUY
September 23rd at 7 AM Hour
7:47 AM Howard Rumsey “Mambo Las Vegas” — Mexican Passport BUY
7:29 AM Stan Kenton “Fuego Cubano (Cuban Fire)” — Cuban Fire! BUY
7:15 AM Howard Rumsey “Viva Zapata!” — Mexican Passport BUY
September 16th at 9 AM Hour
9:55 AM Joe Thomas “Lavender Coffin” — Complete Joe Thomas BUY
9:49 AM Thomas-Wilcox Band “Saxology” — Saxology BUY
9:37 AM Jimmie Lunceford “Them Who Has Gets” — Margie BUY
9:34 AM Joe Thomas “For Boobs Only” — Melodisc Sessions BUY
9:29 AM Jonah Jones “Exactly Like You” — Complete Keynote BUY
9:24 AM Jimmie Lunceford “Caldonia” — One Night Stand BUY
9:21 AM Jimmie Lunceford “Bust Out” — AFRS Jubilee BUY
9:16 AM Barney Bigard “Blues for Art's Sake” — Complete Black and White BUY
9:13 AM Barney Bigard “Sweet Marijuana Brown” — Complete Black and White BUY
9:11 AM Barney Bigard “Please Don't Talk About Me” — Complete Black and White BUY
9:05 AM Jimmie Lunceford “Charmaine” — Complete Decca BUY
9:01 AM Jimmie Lunceford “Jeep Rhythm” — Complete Decca BUY
9:00 AM Jimmie Lunceford “The Goon Came On” — World Transcription BUY
September 16th at 8 AM Hour
8:49 AM Jazz At The Philharmonic “C Jam Blues” — 1944 BUY
8:42 AM Jimmie Lunceford “Keep Smilin Be Happy” — Complete Decca BUY
8:39 AM Jimmie Lunceford “Knock Me a Kiss” — Complete Decca BUY
8:37 AM Jimmie Lunceford “Strictly Instrumental” — Complete Decca BUY
8:32 AM Jimmie Lunceford “Wham” — AFRS Jubilee BUY

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